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Solving Voter Apathy 2004

Inconvenience of Voting

Lack of Information About the Candidates
Length of Campaign Platforms
Inconvenience of Voting
Negative Advertising
Political Cartoons
George Bush's Website
John Kerry's Website
Ralph Nader's Website
Vanishing Voter Project

One major cause of voter apathy is that voting is just too

inconvenient for average people. This is very unfortunate, because there is so much that can be done to stop this cause of voter apathy.

  • Polls could be open longer on Election Day, so voters could go after work.
  • Election Day could be declared a national holiday, so people wouldn't have to go to work, therefore giving them time to vote.
  • Last minute registration on Election Day would allow people who forgot or didn't have time to register, be able to vote.

Personal Opinion: 

I do not think that people should use inconvenience as an excuse for why they didn't vote. If you really want to make a difference, and have your vote count, you should find a way to vote. You could vote while on a lunch break, ask for an afternoon off from work, or leave a little early from work. There are ways to vote even if you have to go to work, you just have to be motivated and make an effort to get a break from work to vote.

Helpful tip of the week:
If you have a lunch break, use it to vote. If you have already voted, work a little longer to allow a coworker to vote.

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