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Solving Voter Apathy 2004

Lack of Information About the Candidates

Lack of Information About the Candidates
Length of Campaign Platforms
Inconvenience of Voting
Negative Advertising
Political Cartoons
George Bush's Website
John Kerry's Website
Ralph Nader's Website
Vanishing Voter Project

If you know nothing about anyone who is running for president, is it really worth voting?  With all that is out there, the media seems more interested on the latest scandal reguarding a candidate's past than where the candidate stands on the issues.  In order to vote, you need to know where candidates stand on issues that you feel strongly for.  Depending on the candidates' view on the issues you feel the strongest on will sway your vote.  The question is; can you sift through all the mud-slinging and scandal to find how Kerry or Bush feel on education?
Where, oh where, do the Candidates Stand?

Homeland Security
International Bonds
The War in Iraq
Tax Cuts
Gay Marriage

Health Care

John Kerry
Approves of it when not in the later stages of pregnancy.
Is against the Patriot Act because he feels that it invades people's privacy.
Wants to please everyone.  Kerry wants to improve the international bonds that he feels were damaged when George Bush charged into Iraq.
Supports George Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program, but feels that they need more funding for the program to work properly.
Would like to pull out no matter what, but a specific plan to get the troops out hasn't been released.
Wants to increase tax cuts for middle-class citizens.
Doesn't approve of gay marriage, but believes in, civil union rights, that allow gay people to have the same rights as those in a traditional marriage

Kerry wants to make it legal to get cheaper drugs from Canada.  He also wants to supply all Americans with equal health care.

George W. Bush

Is not a supporter of it and is pro-life.

Approves the Patriot Act; was approved of under his administration.

Wants to improve bonds as well, but feels that "If you are not with us, you are against us."  Bush obviously wants to keep the bonds and make new ones, but won't stick around to wait and see what everyone else votes on.

Also wants to improve funding for "No Child Left Behind."

Plans to keep troops in Iraq for as long as it takes to make it an independent nation.  He feels that going into Iraq in the first place was completely right and has no regrets.

Wants to create more tax cuts for the wealthy Americans.

Is against gay marriage.  (On a side note: the vice president's daughter is gay, which may taint opinions that the Bush administration would have on the subject).

Bush does not support the "popular idea" of importing cheaper drugs from Canada.  Like Kerry, he also feels that every American should have affordable health care.

This is a chart that was developed to outline the very bones of how the presidential candidates feel on some of the hottest issues in the 2004.  Most of the stands that each of the candidates have are very quick and to the point in this chart.  But if you find a few issues that interest you, please visit or to find more in-depth viewpoints of each candidate.

Helpful Tip of the Week:
Visit to find hundreds of ways to get more involved in helping to register voters in your community, and make an overall difference.  You can also find stories of people, just like you, who made a difference in their own community.

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