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Kelp Forests


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Food Chain
Human Interaction with Kelp Forests
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Kelp forests are mainly conquered by the giant kelp but there are other plants that live there.
Surf Grass1)Surf Grass (left) has a holdfast that withstands tidal currents and slight wave action.Surf Grass has a adaptation unique to aquatic plants called hydropohilly which allows them to perform both surface and completely submerged pollination(transfer of pollen for fertilization).
BossiellaRed Corraline Algae. Bossiella - upright, red coralline algae. Calcareous (
Composed of, containing, or characteristic of calcium carbonate, calcium, or limestone; chalky) sections are heart-shaped.
FaucheaFauchea Calliarthron  - upright, red coralline algae. Calcareous sections are either long and thin or flattened. Commonly forms large turfs.
Cystoseira osmundaceaCystoseira osmundacea - brown understory algae. Reprodutive structures can form a surface canopy in the summer.

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