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 Q: Why are dolphins more clever than humans?
A: Within 3 hours they can train a man to stand at the side of a pool and feed them fish!

photo: pacific white-sided dolphin  The Pacific White-Sided Dolphin
               Scientific Name:  Lagenorhychus obliquidens
               Status:  Unknown
               Size:  This dolphin can weigh up to about 200 kg and group up to about
                  2.5 meters long
               Found in:  Deep areas of the four pelagic zones
               Diet:  Hake, anchovies, squid, herring, salmon, and cod make up this
                  dolphin's diet.  These are categorized as latern fish, and are abundant
                  in the deep waters that the Pacific White-Sided Dolphin lives in.
               Responce to Human:  Since the United Nations stepped in, these
                  dolphins were constantly being killed in drift nets.  However, yearly
                  the Japanese have a hunt for these dolphins, where they are killed
                  and slaughtered as part of a competition.

Two beautiful hawaiian spinnerhawaiian spinner dolphins great us  The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin

               Scientific Name:Stenella longirostris
               Status:  Not Endangered
               Size:  The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin can grow up to be 2.1 meters
                    in length and weigh up to 75 kilograms!
               Found in:  Pelagic waters of Hawaii; also have been seen near the
                    shores of the Hawaiian islands.
               Diet:  Small fish and crustaceans
               Response to Humans:  All dolphins are very friendly and playful towards
                    humans.   The Hawaiian Spinner is no different.  Scientists have
                    been studying this breed of dolphin in captivity for the past several


By Meag and Katrina

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